Site not Reachable

Are there any known issues where some users cannot access a Discourse site, or it may be getting blocked by either their router or ISP? We’ve suddenly had a small handful of users who cannot access our site. None of us can reproduce the issue, and there are no red flags in any of their browser or system settings. One user was able to fix the issue by switching between ISP’s, but we haven’t confirmed if the ISP is the root cause.

Thought I would reach out here and see if I got lucky. Thanks.

Most likely an issue between your hosting provider and the concerned ISP. Check with your hosting provider if they have a way to identify inbound connectivity.

Getting a traceroute from affected users might be helpful in identifying where the connections are being dropped.


Thanks, @itsbhanusharma. I’ve opened a ticket with our host to chase this up and see if we can learn anything.

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If it’s not just a networking issue between some ISPs, which seems likely, it could also be a similar DNS issue. Make sure you have just the one A record and that you don’t have an AAAA record pointing somewhere wrong.

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