Solved answer tool tip is showing wrong message

When we mark the answer as Solved, the tool tip shows that ‘This answer no longer solves the problem’.

Why is that so?

Is there a way to fix this from anywhere in settings?
Or is this a bug?


Good catch.
I’m seeing in my sites too.

I believe it’s just unclear UX? If you click the solution checkmark after marking a post as a solution, it will remove the solved status. So the tooltip is describing the intent of the button before you click it.

We should maybe add some sort of hover state to the button that makes this clearer.


I guess you are right.
But, the first impression that a person gets is that this is not a valid solution.

So, something must be done to fix the text.

Yes, changing the text would help too. Making it more clear as an action could help. Something along the lines of “remove the solution status from this post” – note that only users with the ability to mark the post as “solved” have this tooltip. Others simply see “solved” on hover.


For the time being, I have changed the text value:

This is the new text shown as tool tip now.

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