"Solved" onebox does not display images

(Stefan Brand) #1

Hi there,

we have the issue that solutions that contain images are not displayed with the image in the first post. The solution onebox only contains the words [image]. See a screenshot:

Direct link:

Our Discourse version is 1.8.10

Best, Stefan

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

That’s because this is a quote, and quotes don’t display images.

(Stefan Brand) #3

Seems that quotes actually are able to display images using full:true:

Is it possible to enable this for the solved plugin? In my opinion it would make sense for solutions to display everything that’s included in that post.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Technically, yes, we can have the excerpter optionally allow images, it can get mighty noisy though. Not super keen on adding it due to the risks.

(Stefan Brand) #5

Maybe that could be an opt-in preference in the admin settings.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Why does it matter? You can click on the quote to expand it and see the full image.

(Stefan Brand) #7

I don’t think that this is obvious for solutions.

Usually when you quote something, you quote an excerpt of another
post. People that want to read the context could click on the downward
arrow to expand the quote.

When you mark a post as solution, you usually regard the whole post as
the solution. Apart from the fact that you cannot mark an excerpt of a
post as solution, you always end up with a solution without images.
I don’t see a reason why a solution should only contain the whole text
of a post, but should not contain any visual content.

(Sam Saffron) #8

There is a reason, noise.

Giving an entire post with images that can be fairly tall real estate on the first post can be intrusive.

Imaging if the response on the 3rd post which is the accepted answer is:

Do this:

image 1 (640x480)

Do that:

image 2 (640x480)


image 3 (640x480)

Now the top OP will either have … 1 image which is not enough, OR 3 images which are enormous duplication.