"Solved" plugin does not show checkboxes on all posts


the “solved” plugin is a really useful thing for me, so I’ve installed this on my “Tryout-Server” before getting this into the real world.

I’ve created a new test user to talk to me :slight_smile: and a new topic in a category where I’ve enabled the “solved” thing. I’m opening a thread and the user “Test 1” replies to it.

The issue is that I don’t see “solved” checkboxes for my thread at the answers of “Test 1”. Only my own posting below has a box:

I’m a bit puzzled … what might be wrong here? Must a user be in a special group etc. that I can accept his answer?

is it hiding behind the ... ?

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Nope. You can see it in my own response, but not at the responses of user “Test1”.

My thought was that a user might have a number of min-posts, but that makes no sense and I don’t see a matching configuration option.

Oh, sorry … took a second look. Yes, it is for this user, not for my own posting.

Why the difference? And can I move it to the first layer? I fear nobody will look in the “…”

Here I see it outside the “…”

It depends who is looking at the post, staff or not staff.

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Understood. Thank you for your great support! :+1: