Tag x# suddenly differs for staff vs. users

For some reason now only users with Moderator/Admin enabled can see the proper amount of tags that any individual tag has (trust level is irrelevant). A user pointed out it now reports all of our boards tags as having WAY less than are actually there (his screenshot shows 31 and I can confirm the same on a dummy account, meanwhile my admin account reports the accurate 2000). The actual topics are all still there, and if you search the tag you can scroll way more than 30 so they’re all still available.

It’s not just one tag but all (most). Users only see 12 triple digit tags, where as there’s a couple dozen with the highest being 2047 (vs 31 now).

I’m not sure when this change happened but it’s sometime recent, and I can confirm they could see the real number before. The only change I believe I’ve done is removing “Everybody” access from a few specific sections and made it everyone but Trust_Level_0. I reverted this in the main tag section to see if it was that for some reason, and no change. Also the # of tags that are still shown are in these sections and they’re still showing up regardless so I can’t see it’s that…

Not really that important of an issue, but it deceptively looks like there’s far less of everything and we’ve lost any sort of semi-accurate count on the number of relevant topics for a tag. Any ideas?

There was a change recently to not include tags from permission controlled categories by default in case the number could be sensitive in nature. But there is an admin setting, include secure categories in tag counts, that you can use to go back to the old behaviour. :+1:

I think when you reverted the permissions to see if that was the cause you needed to wait for the background job to recalculate the numbers, which is why you didn’t immediately see a change.


What counts as a “permission controlled category”?

I think it’s as simple as ‘everyone’ versus ‘not everyone’, but I can go and check to make sure.

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Interesting, that would make sense since it was reported to me only today after I did that. I looked for something like that but in the Tag section. I obviously have no idea where the reported tag topics are since I can see all of them but that would explain it.

Would it be possible somehow to restrict the count only to people with restricted access? This isn’t an issue for me as people seeing the full count even if they can’t see the topics would be beneficial for us, but I could see why some people might prefer that instead of “everyone or no one can see the count”.

Edit: that seems to have been exactly what it was. I’ll have to wait a bit to confirm (I readded “everyone” to all the sections in order to test if that was the issue, I’ve now enabled that option and re-restricted a section and all the tag counts are normal so I think it’s correct)

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Thanks – we have few really restricted categories (one for mods), and I can see not counting tags there. But we have some where everyone can read but not post and I’d want those to be counted (without exposing the really restricted ones).

I can also see us having a some no-tl0-first-post categories — again, would want counts there.


Just to loop back, it is ‘everyone’ versus ‘not everyone’. :+1:


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