Some things I've built which you can use

I recently finished building v0.1 of my own site which is Discourse + 30-odd plugins:

Many of the plugins it uses are not ‘released’ here on meta as they contain functionality specific to my site. The goal is to make them all generic. Nevertheless, you may find them useful when trying to achieve Discourse dev goals.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you access to the site itself unless you fit the criteria for the private beta I will be running (i.e. you recently dealt with a legal system or government and want to share that story). If that does apply, then great! Reach out to me through the contact form on the landing page. The site will go public later this year.

WARNING: These are not designed to work on a standard Discourse site out of the box. Which is why I’m posting them here in #dev, for the benefit of other folks building and thinking about Discourse features or plugins, rather than as seperate plugins.

Inline progressive composer


It has an always-visible title input and allows you to break down topic creation, content verification, topic type selection and other topic-related stuff into a series of steps. It’s designed to sit above the topic list. It has all the features of the regular composer (i.e. drafts, full editor etc).


Static landing pages


e.g. and associated pages.

This plugin includes a static-locale selection feature, like you see on the facebook signup page (not currently enabled on


App system


An ‘app system’ that sits on top of the Layouts Plugin. It allows users to add and remove specific functionality (particularly, but not limited to, widgets in their sidebar) to their user account from a ‘Store’.

User’s Apps:


Three levels of categories


I would advise against trying to use this unless you really know what you’re doing.

Location-category system


A plugin that ties categories to location types and centres a user’s experience around a ‘home’ category. It has a three-tiered hierarchy: Countries, Cities and Neighbourhoods.

Lightweight breadcrumb navigation



Dynamically updating header title


(Melbourne is the category)


Petition system


Build on top of the Voting Plugin, it allows for user-generated petitions and programmatical actions following acceptance and ‘resolution’ of the petition.



Wow, amazing work!
Brilliant to see what people are doing with Discourse.
(reminds me that I need to write a #praise article showing our modifications :slight_smile: )


Landing page but problem.

Cool :slight_smile: Curious to see what you’ve built.

@nothing Sorry, but I won’t be providing support for use of these plugins. They all need a bit of work if you want to use them in a standard Discourse instance.


Hi @angus what do you mean by standard discourse instance, I have the self hosted docker bundle,is that what you mean by standard.

quick question is there a simple way to add custom fields to topics, or is this something you would charge for? (Dont mean to be rude asking)

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Sorry for the slow reply.

I mean that you won’t be able to use the things listed above without editing the code in various ways. They all assume various things which are specific to my own website (such as the existence of other plugins).

Yup, topics have custom fields. You’ll have to be a bit more specific about what you mean for me to go into more detail. Start another topic somewhere else if you want to elaborate.

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Angus thanks for getting back to me and explaining I will start a new topic re: topic custom fields.

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