Some TL3 users became TL2 after most recent update due to PM counts


Our installation had 30 TL3 users.
Yesterday we installed Discourse 2.5.0beta2.
After the installation, 6 of them downgraded to TL2.

One of the requirements to get TL3 is 400 topics seen.

After installing Discourse 2.5.0beta 2 the topic count for some users is lower than this threshold. This setting has not change for months.

Has something related to the count of topics seen per user changed in the latest releases?

Thanks in advance!

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If you read the tl3 requirements tito see that they have to continue reading some percentage of messages over the past length of time. Unlike tl2 you can fall out of tl3.

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The requirement I was talking about is this:

I thought that the length of time does not appy to this one (“all time”).

Could you confirm? If so, what is the difference with this one?

I thought that:

  • The first one was absolute value and without time restrictions.
  • The second one was a percentage and limited by nc3 time.
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There was a recent change to the way TL3 requirements are handled.

PMs are now excluded when we check for TL3 requirements. I guess the 6 users you mentioned have a lot of PMs which made them qualify for TL3 even though their public participation was not enough.

If that’s the case, those users need to participate more in public topics to regain their TL3 status.


Thanks a lot! It makes sense!!