Some way to show the username in the Messages list?

(Angel Raul Molina Muñoz) #1

I did a search before creating the topic but I don’t found any related topic.

I want to show the username of the user in the Message list besides its avatar, exists some way to do that?

Thank you,

(cpradio) #2


section.messages .posters a::after {
  content: " " attr(data-user-card)

(Angel Raul Molina Muñoz) #3

Nice! but I’m using a dockerized version (DigitalOcean), how can I “inject” this CSS in this case?

Thank you!

(cpradio) #4

You simply add it in Admin > Customize > CSS/HTML, put it in the CSS section (and make sure you enable the customization)

(Angel Raul Molina Muñoz) #5

Awesome, works like a charm

(Régis Hanol) #6