Ranking of post, based on user upvotes

How can I have the post within the categories be ranked based off of user votes? I am trying to create a place where users can share their ideas, with the best ones gaining the most traction.

If you are trying to sort by likes,

You should use the Discourse Voting plugin and users will be able to order topics starting from the most voted in descending order, simply by clicking on the Votes button.

So I wasn’t meaning a way that the users could select, such as the “most liked” option. I was more thinking of a way it would be constantly show which ideas in that category are the most popular. unless I make that way the default, so new users see them like this automatically.

So within my forum. I have 4 main categories. Once you click on one of those categories and write a post within it, this will allow people to vote on that post?

You must first enter the category settings and enable the votes on that category. Users can vote on the topic (ie the first post of the topic), not the individual posts written by users.

See the voting plugin in action here:


daniela, I think this would work for me. I just want to have a category called “ideas” and then once people post ideas, others people can vote on which ideas they like the best. so that the best ideas are constantly getting the most attention.