Sorting parameters incompatible with one another

Low / Medium

Windows / Any known browser

When changing desktop category page style from Categories and Latest Topics to Categories and Latest Topics (sort by topic created date) the feature automatically applies the order=created parameter everywhere, and this seems to mess with other parameters.

Particularly, when browsing /top?order=created&period=all, the period parameter is entirely ignored. This applies to any and all period variations, month, year, etc. The expected result would be that it merely show the top results from that period, sorted by creation date. Manually removing the order=created parameter fixes the issue, and makes me therefore conclude it to be the culprit.

Reproducible steps:
To reproduce this bug, simply change the setting desktop category page style to Categories and Latest Topics (sort by topic created date) and browse the Top tab, then sort by any period of your choosing and notice that you get the same results every time.

The bug also occurs when using safe mode.


Can repro. :+1:

Indeed. From the Categories page to the Top page, it automatically leads to /top?order=created, and will keep this filter when we change the time filter (e.g. /top?order=created&period=monthly).
The topics will be sorted only by their creation date, and it seems they won’t take into account whether they’re “top” or not.

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