Category links should honor category order settings

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The category/tag links on the homepage/sidebar (class=“subcategory”) load the category using /latest.json. It doesn’t appear on the URL, but you can see it in the Network tab:

This means that the topics in the category will be sorted by latest activity.

If the category has a setting with a different order, it is not honored.
To see the default order, you have to reload the page. Example: category 25 with order “created descending”:
CleanShot 2023-08-08 at 10.57.57@2x


Just to confirm that we’ve been able to replicate this and we’re looking into it. :+1:


I think this is fixed now in: :+1:


@JammyDodger @david I just upgraded and the issue is still there. To reproduce:

  1. Set a category’s default order to “Created Descending”
  2. Click on that category’s link on the homepage/sidebar

Expected behavior: topics sorted by descending created date.
Actual behavior: topics sorted by descending modified date.

  1. Reload the page

Expected behavior: topics remain sorted by descending modified date.
Actual behavior: topics are now correctly sorted by descending created date.

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Hi @Nacho_Caballero - I just pushed a second fix which should get things working as expected:

Please let us know if you’re still seeing any problems after updating.


Thanks for the great work, David. Now it works perfectly. :ok_hand:


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