Special category label doesn't show up

Does anyone know if the tags for the special category can mess up its label?

We have tags for just one category (the special category), but when posting there, the label disappears and only the tag shows like in the example bellow.

When we add tags to another category that isn’t special, the label and tag shows just fine.

Am I supposed to created a category that is not special to be able to get both the label of the category and the tag to show up together?

I think the special category is your site’s Uncategorized category. Check to see if the suppress uncategorized badge site setting is enabled on your site:

If that setting is enabled, try disabling it. That might fix the problem.


That was it!

It works now. In fact, it was disabled a version before this new one, but for some reason it reset to default.

Thank you! :blush:

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