SSO Insight into syncing user accounts between discourse and wordpress

Hi all,

I am pretty new when it comes to Discourse and Wordpress in general and am looking for some advice. I have looked through the documentation regarding SSO and am still confused as to how to implement what I need to implement.

Essentially, my client has a Wordpress site and a Discourse forum. They also have a mobile app that currently uses a Wordpress plugin called WP OAuth Server Plugin. This plugin allows for basic authentication with Wordpress username and password, returning a token that can be used for important things like accessing a user’s Woocommerce information, etc.

I am currently building a new mobile app that needs to have access to a user’s Discourse information as well. My client already uses the WP-Discourse Plugin to make their Wordpress site an SSO client of Discourse with the option to sync existing users of the two platforms enabled.

I am running into a huge block in understanding how to obtain the Discourse information I need, while still retrieving the auth token from the WP OAuth Server Plugin. Is this something that would require Wordpress to be the SSO Provider for Discourse instead of the client? My goal is to allow the user to login with a username and password, retrieve the access token for use in the rest of the Wordpress website, while still being able to have access to the user’s Discourse information.

If I enable the “Sync user data” option on the Provider configuration, it seems like this might work, but for existing users in Discourse, it says that it will “sync” their data. I’m not sure what data it is actually syncing. For my purposes currently, I only need their Discourse ID/username.