Staff can ignore tag requirements?

For categories with required tags, it says tags are optional.

This is also leading to some moderators posting items without tags as I guess it’s set so they can ignore the setting? (I think it may be better if all users follow the requirements for the category.)

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I suggest you remove moderator status from these users to “encourage” them to remember.


I run into this as well. They’re human, they forget. Why would a mod not need to add a tag if it’s required in that category?


It’s easily done - especially if not all categories require a tag and when the input box says ‘optional’. If it is not optional it should not say it is optional.


This seems like a very harsh approach.

Could you elaborate why tags are optional for staff members even in categories where they are required?
Another approach would be to show a warning message if a staff member attempts to create a topic without tags in a category where it is required. This way, they can ignore the restriction if they have to, but at least make a conscious choice.


Hmm… interesting topic. I also tried to setup a required tag with the intention to make myself (admin) never forget to tag a post in a specific category. Very important if you have chat-integrations setup to external channels - because tagging afterwards does not trigger a push.