Strange behavior with backup listing after restoring DigitalOcean droplet snapshot

Hi Everybody,

This might be a warning or something to research for everybody who’s running Discourse on a DO droplet.

I wanted to test some configuration settings but I didn’t want to disturb people on production Discourse. So I snapshotted DO droplet (after shutting it down) and then I turned it back on and created new droplet with a different name from the new snapshot.

I accessed the clonned Discourse by adding the new server IP address into hosts file (

After making sure that I’m accessing the clone by enabling global notice I realized that local backups are not visible in Admin/Backups. I checked and .tar.gz files are located in /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default/ so I’m assuming that DO is probably making some filesystem changes that can mess something up in Discourse.

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Have you tried re-running discourse-setup? Probably it’s something with the hostname being force locally instead of globally.