Sub-category not showing up in Categories with Featured Topics view + not Arranged in order on Category page


  1. Create sub-category (Finance as a sub-category of Team)

  1. Reorder sub-category given fixed category positions (Finance placed between External Comms and General Circle)

  1. Edit About Category topic (Wrote “Regulating the management of money transparently”)


On Categories with Featured Topics page
Expected: Finance between External Comms and General Circle
Actual: Finance not visible

On Team category with subcategories displayed
Expected: Finance between External Comms and General Circle + first line of “About the Finance category”
Actual: Finance at the end of the sub-categories and without first line


It’s been an hour since I created the sub-category and the problem persists in safe mode.

I figured out what was wrong! My site mutes all categories by default. I needed to unmute the new sub-category and once I did that, the category displayed correctly. Thanks, all.

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