Some posts showing 'ignored content'

Someone has posted this question at a forum where I’m a member but not an admin or moderator:

“I noticed that a couple of posters, in particular one, frequently has “ignored content” in the main body of their post. Is that because the forum poster realizes he/she has nothing to say of real interest to anyone? Or is it something the system does automatically? Not that it is of any consequence, it is just odd as it occurs so frequently.”

They haven’t shared any specific example of this, I’m confused about if this could be caused by if they have muted or ignored a user, why part of their post would be reading as “ignored.” However with that feature posts read to me as being hidden, not ignored.

Recommended they or anyone else who has noticed this reach out to the discourse team to ask what is going on with that, I have never seen this myself what they are describing so maybe it isn’t even an accurate description of something that has happened.

If anyone does know of an answer to this question I can share that with this forum community where it was asked.

I’ve split this off into its own support topic to answer as it seemed like you had questions about the feature itself. :slight_smile:

The ‘ignored content’ will show for any topic created by a user who you have on your Ignored list:

For posts within a topic, they’re hidden behind an expandable ‘View X hidden replies’ button which you can press to see the ignored content:


Ah ha, thanks!

I believe that answers this completely, while the original question makes it sound like only part of the text in posts is being hidden behind the “Ignored content” label, that was probably just not correctly written. I’m not sure if English was the second or later language of this Italian individual who wrote that question.


How would this look with Topic List Previews, such that the first part of the topic text is including in lists such as Latest or Unread?

I’ve just given it a little check and Topic List Previews Theme Component doesn’t take into account ignored content when displaying the preview:

It also seems Discourse Tooltips displays the actual text too:



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