Summarise with AI button... new?

Hey guys, I just saw this button in a topic here on Meta.

Is this feature new? It only appears in this topic (being rolled out slowly?) Or is it a plugin?

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Yes and only available to certain users on certain sites.

When searching and learning about the new AI features be aware that others are creating similar plugins, e.g.

so make sure you are referencing the correct one when needed.


Nice screenshot - yea if anyone needs an AI to summarize their posts it’s me. :sweat_smile:


Thanks @EricGT for the help!

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It’s available to TL3+ on here, I think. I’m not sure why you’re seeing it on only one topic? Maybe it has a summary already generated.

What happens when you click on it?

It summarises the topic post, but I’m only TL2.

Hmmm. How about on this topic now?

Nope! There isn’t one.

I don’t know if they have accepted a protocol for summering with AI on this site but on OpenAI Discourse froum we are

  • adding a standard tag to the summary for easier finding
  • noting the LLM make, model and version
  • noting the date the summary was created.

The standard tag is Summary created by AI.

Example search.

The details with each summary at the bottom

Summarized with AI on Aug 01 2023
AI used: gpt-4-32k

Yes this is all done by hand now but summaries are not actually created that often except if someone gets an inkling to add them when needed when the option is first available.

The reason for the standard tag is that I suspect sometime in the future, an HTML tag or such might be created to identify content that was created with AI so that it can be excluded for training sets or such. When that happens it will be easier to identify the content that needs the tag retrofitted.

I know wishful thinking but something similar is really needed; I don’t see the AI as a fad that will just pass.

A specific case of why AI generated information needs to be identified.

When demonstrating some of the uses of ChatGPT with regards to the programming language Prolog a completion hallucinated the name Rodney Byrd when the person’s real name is Lawrence Byrd The hallucination needs to be kept out of search engines, training sets, etc.

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Just to check, did you refresh the page?

Ok: I refreshed the page and it has appeared.
It summarises the topic.

I think it may show you the one that I generated a moment ago.

I pressed it again and it summarises again.

Last I read the summaries are cached but will be refreshed under certain criteria so repressing the button should just fetch the last summary. If you add more to the topic or ask for a summary a week latter the result might change.

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When I check in an anon window it’s the same summary, and doesn’t include later posts.

I’ll spin up a test user to check. :+1:

It might benefit from a different label if it’s not live summarising. :thinking:


Sometimes, even with TL3 here, it seems like it doesn’t include some of the more recent posts.

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This is what I see now when I press on 'Summarize with AI`:

FYI to all who have read this far.

The Discourse AI summary option is beta, meaning it is available for testing by early users but subject to change. So anything you read about it might significantly change in the future. You have been advised.

That’s confusing to me, I don’t see any posts by Lily here at all.
I’m blind :upside_down_face:

Yes please, asking out of curiosity as it has a lot of replies. I am not the OP.


When I was testing the option on the OpenAI site, some of the metrics I used for picking some early topics were

  • high number of replies
  • recently updated
  • high number of views

However on the Discourse Meta forum, in looking I would avoid the categories like admins, sysadmins and such that are manually reviewed to update the first topic.

Be warned that adding a summary tends to rekindle fire(s) that others would rather see just smolder away.