Support multiple-reactions per post (Retort style)

One man’s pollution is another man’s fresh air.

Multiple reactions can indeed have merit. If your familar with “Likes” it was to help limit 1 or 2 word responses. There are still lots of communities that use multiple reactions and was why Retort was created to expand beyond likes. Which of course likely inspired the Reaction plugin to expand options. Granted I do think Retort being separate from reactions is better as Reactions is integrated to some extent into the Like feature. Imho Reactions should be merged with Meta.

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Ah, that’s great actually. I just picked up the first post in this thread saying it was not possible. This bit specifically:

I meant in the sense that for example if an user sees an excellent funny post, they can give it the laughing emoji reaction and like the post. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I understood the reaction plugin doesn’t currently support that, because the “like” reaction and emoji reaction are exclusionary to each other.

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No we don’t correct you :wink: That is a huge issue if trust levels depends on given and gotten (totally blackout… damn I hate english verbs so deeply, almost as deeply than prepositions :flushed:) likes. My users know how to behave so I don’t count likes, but Reactions plugin was the main reason for that.

Given that there are actually multiple other platforms where this feature exists and is used, it seems that many disagree with your claim about what has been “shown.”

Facebook, Insta, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter… these are all single-site socials. None of us can do our own Facebook; the scale is part of what makes it what it is. But that’s not the niche occupied by a forum software like Discourse.

Discourse is a platform for people to set up their own spaces. It’s not like Facebook, it’s like Slack. And it’s like Discord. Both of which allow multiple reactions, and the feature is well-used.

Discord is the fastest-growing in the category, by far. So much so, that there have been active debates about how to stem the tide of people abandoning forums for Discord, including here on Meta:

The addition of Chat on Discourse is a response to one aspect of Discord/Slack that was missing on Discourse… using multiple emoji is another.

Tl;dr: I’m not saying Discourse must implement this or lose the great war… I just think the “it’s useless and nobody does it” argument doesn’t hold up and should not be part of the decision-making process.


Regardless, there is an order of operations

First we need to support “any reaction” as an option, it enables this optional feature

Also discourse chat already supports multi reactions

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Oh wow, that sounds like there’s actually progress and a realistic path to actually have the multiple-reactions feature this topic is requesting. Am I inferring correctly?

There are downsides to multiple reactions as it diminishes impact. On Discord for example Reactions can end up being mindless directions with ppl bumping all current reactions in a post.

If you have coding experience one could revive the Retort Plugin that imho encouraged the team to improve the basic like to be more inline with modern platforms.

There are two types of multiple-reactions I’ve seen. One is open to any of the entire system set of emoji. The other is a small set of forum-specific reactions (just as the reactions now officially supported for Discourse) just not limiting each user to pick one only. That latter approach is the cleaner one that I do not think diminishes impact and which really is just richer and nicer than forcing users to only have one reaction.


FB is one that offers multiple options with only choosing 1 emoji

Discord as you mention is all possible emoji in a server.

Retort plugin enhanced discourse with allowing multiple reactions from a choice of a limited set or full emoji set. This plugin support was retired with the release of Discourse Reactions. If someone was Will ng they could likely contact the Auth to take it over as a maintainer

Keep in mind a reply also gives you options to react to a post. be it worda, pics etc…

In this no idea is wrong as each community has their model if how they like things to work.

Not fond of Discord as reactions in my XP do not notify the Op of a comment that a reaction has happened.

For those who support Discord and/or a Discord server, it’s all possible emoji from all servers they’ve joined. (I can use a custom emoji from one Discord on a comment in any other Discord.)


Updates coming; see: [PAID] Porting Retort Features to Discourse Reactions and/or Reviving Retort


Many thanks to @merefield for graciously accepting the work request. :heart:


Indeed. Retort work is actively underway. I should be testing with @merefield soon! :slight_smile: