Tag counts include topics in restricted categories even when not logged in

I’m not sure if I’m reporting a bug here or a feature request - feel free to recategorize.

The tags page on my site is displaying counts of topics in restricted categories, even when not logged in. This is weird, and not how I thought it worked. I thought the tag counts reflected topics the user has permission to see, and tags are not displayed at all if there are no topics the user has access to with the tag. Take a look at Global Legal Empowerment Network Community Discussions and try to see e.g. JUSTFORFUN tagged topics.

Also, it is displaying counts of personal messages with the tag. E.g. NGC tagged messages are appearing on this list.

And finally, tags that are used both for topics and messages are only displaying the counts of messages. Shouldn’t it display both, perhaps using the topic count to determine sort order? It would also be helpful if the message count could be a link to the messages with the tag.

Seems related to Unlisted topics are included in the Tag (topic) count for normal users who don't actually see those topics.