Tag edits having same icon as replies in notifications

Not sure if this should be #support or #bug or #feature request, but:

On the MetaBrainz forum when highly enough privileged users sometime go on a mass tagging/tag revamp spree it causes a lot of notifications for me. Usually when someone edits a post, it will have a pencil icon but for all of these only-tag changes, Discourse uses the same icon as for replies, which makes it hard for me to track which of these topics I need to actually look over for new messages, and which I just need to review changes to (or ignore):

Is there anything I can do on my end/in the forum settings to make it have a separate icon, or does this require an upstream change somewhere?


Is there a consistent repro here? Are you watching the tag?


Yes, for someone to edit the tags of a post. :slight_smile: I watch everything on that forum, though not tags directly.

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