Tag Filter Bug - All Tags Not Showing

When we return to homepage and see the tags we get list which is incomplete.

When we reload the page by clicking reload option next to URL then the tag filter brings the rest of the tags

[Note we only have three tags currently. The forum is new]

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Can you repro this @jomaxro?

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Hi @Nrsinga_Dasa, I’m going to need a few more details so I can properly test this. You say “when we return to the homepage”, what are you returning to the homepage from? Are you missing the tag immediately after it’s created? On every load of the homepage? Something else?

If I make a post and add a tag, then click on the Discourse logo to goto back to homepage (which is our category box list) it does not show the newly created tag. Only if I refresh the full page on the site next to the URL do the tags show.

Even if I delete a tag from a post and come back to the category box list by clicking Discourse logo it does not show it is gone until i refresh.

What I noticed is if I goto a category with posts that have say 2 tags in the category when i return back to category list whether through clicking Discourse logo or select All Categories from drop box selection box it will only show the 2 tags and not all the tags.

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Thanks for the details. I can repro this, but only when the homepage is set to Categories. The issue does not appear to occur when the homepage is Latest.


Hello Joshua,

That is correct. Only when homepage is categories. For Latest it shows all.

@vinothkannans can you add fixing this to your list. Not super urgent.


I was about to report this and then found this and other previous reports on the same thing.

@sam Can you give an update whether this is still in someone’s to do list?

Simple steps to reproduce here in meta:

  1. make sure your default Homepage is set to Categories
  2. visit the Theme category
  3. select a tag, eg, theme-full
  4. go to homepage and click the tag filter: only displays the tags from the previously visited Theme category
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I’m able to reproduce the issue. I will work on it soon.


Fixed in the above commit. @mentalstring can you please check it now?


Thank you for looking into this. I can no longer reproduce this here on meta, but on the forum where I have bumped into this, it’s still present for some reason.

It’s on tests-passed and I have rebuilt the container. I have confirmed that the commit is in there, and the version/commit hash on the page source matches the one here on meta. Even tried with an incognito window in case it was browser cache playing funny. Can still reproduce the issue in pretty much the way I described it earlier, just with our own tags/categories.

Is there any extra step I’m missing to get this fix?

My Discourse instance is currently behind login which is why I’m not linking it here. Can provide access, but will require some hops to setup.

The above commit should resolve the issue. What is your “desktop category page style” site setting value?