Tag group: tag is visible only… setting doesn’t do anything

Tag group settings:

It doesn’t matter what I use on Tags are visible only to following groups it will disapper right away from there if a reload, visit some other page and then come back or doing log out/login.

If I don’t return to tag group settings I can see that limited tga under its group on tag page. But it isn’t limiting anything.

Here I can limit visibility of one tag to TL2 but lower TLs see it anyway.

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I can’t reproduce this at the moment. Maybe check the visibility and other settings of the groups you are trying to limit visibility to. :thinking:

I don’t know if it’s what Jakke is talking about, but I have an odd experience on my dev install (latest):

So far, once saved, no issue.

When I reload, the group name doesn’t appear

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I have been trying to reproduce this but I cannot. I just did a fresh pull of latest commit. :thinking:

create new tag group:

saved and list shows tag group as expected, even when page is reloaded.

and when I reload that page I get the same expected result and I can edit that tag group again:

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And those would be what? I’m trying to limit visibility using trust level. But I don’t understand why even that could be play any roll. It is a tag group and there isn’t any other settings that could affect.

So you can limit visibility of a tag? Don’t care so much about that disappearing setting — there is a couple similar cases and I’m quite sure it comes from iPadOS and/or DiscourseHub.

I did upgrading something like 12 hours ago and can, of course, tell exact build, but this has been issue now quite long time. I should tell earlier, but I forgot, and now I needed that feature again.

I should limit away every component before this posting but that is a bit time consuming between everything else, but if you all really can limit visibility then I have to (but tag groups have certain history break every now and then :smirk: )


I limit this tag group to staff:

Try to find a tag in that tag group with a user who isn’t staff:

Darn. When I allow TL2 then my TL1 test person sees tag, but anons not.

Thanks. I have to dig a bit deeper.

This starts to be interesting. No matter if I tried win-laptop, several browsers, iPad/iPhone… no luck.

But if used selfmade group as limiting one it stayed. A little bit more digging and one issue is automated groups that is translated. Like trustlevel_x vs. Finnish luottamustaso_x. Dsicourse just doesn’t accept translated ones. Well, with tag groups anyway.

And yet my TL1 users sees tags no matter what limiting group I’m using.


I can’t change default locale from finnish to english(US). That is by design, I guess. So trying how it works when locales are… default ones, is quite impossible to me.

I thought about that too. In this topic Display bug in the tag group settings the German locale is used.