Tag lockdown as a variation on category lockdown plugin

Can it be used as base for a similar approach with tags?

We can select the tag permissions similar to categories, so I am wondering if that could be used for adding tags or making a new similar plugin :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that’s correct?

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We can do it creating a tag group as described here by Discourse team :love_you_gesture:

Where is “here”? That definitely sounds worth a read!

I think matenauta may be referring to the Tag Group permissions to View and Use:


I am not sure if they can be utilised in the same way to allow for something like a ‘tag-group-lockdown’ though.


Agree. That affects visibility of the Tags not the Topic?


Thanks for your following up! And sorry for not linking or proper reply about tag groups before (I was doing another thing at the same time haha and I don’t like to be that way :pray:)

Now I’m thinking about the best approach for that use case and I’m fully open to read your toughts if you want to share.

Should tags be allowed/limited by lockdown (plus new functionality) before categories?

So, if we got ‘Encrypt plugin - download link’ and ‘Encrypt plugin internal discussion’ threads tagged with #plugin they will be displayed in #plugins (trust_level_1 only allowed by category) and #staff-stuff (trust_level_4 only allowed by category).

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but the possibility to apply tags can be limited to certain groups or categories, but tags do not determine topic access.

Building that would not merely be an extension to the category lockdown plugin, it would be entirely different (and complex) functionality.