Tagged and pinned topic does not appear


Running test-passed… I have published a topic with the article tag:

Seems to be related with the cache of the logged-in user. It persistently missed the article for me, but then if I logout it should work, I guess. Unsure if this is due to a transient bug (in-between two upgrades) and whether I can ‘clear the cache’ for myself (and tell others too).

Logging out makes the message appear, but logging in again lost it again. Clearing the browser’s cache didn’t change anything. I have pinned the topic as well, without success. The topic had a like though, so its normal use doesn’t seem to be affected.

If you’ve already reached the bottom of the topic, it was automatically un-pinned for you.

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I pinned the topic to test whether it would appear in the list, but not. It just remains invisible to logged-in users unless they’re sent to the direct link. I don’t think pinning the topic has anything to do. I would suspect some caching issue rather.

It shows on Latest for me…


Yes for everybody it turns out well, but for some reason the cache was corrupted for a couple of people who don’t see it at all, unless linked to the post directly. Is there a way to explore local cache with Firefox? I guess that might help figure things out. (note: my Internet connection is sporadic at best these days.)

More tests:

  • clearing browser cache
  • changing browsers
  • un-pinning topic
  • adding another topic to the article tag

… Result in no change: anonymous and ‘everyone else’ can see the topic listed, but I still cannot:

  • not listed in /tags/article
  • not listed in any topics list.

Is there a way to display more raw data on the topic, and especially my user’s relation to it to figure out how it’s different from others?

I suspect a bug that passed through an upgrade recently, and might have disappeared since, or some hook that didn’t run properly. I cannot reproduce the bug, it’s only affecting that very topic and that very couple users who were logged-in at the time, or who are both staff.

This sounds very much like the topic is muted for you, and the couple of other users. Try going to


Is the topic listed there when you’re logged in?


Wow, nice catch. I had not verified the tracking state since it’s current work that I certainly don’t want muted. But indeed somehow this topic was muted. Thank you very much for clearing this out @david. That doesn’t help with the reason why this happened, but again, whatever happened it seems to have been transient.