The copy button does not work on a mobile phone with the Android

Greetings dear community :wave:
The copy button does not work on a mobile phone with the Android operating system (Samsung, HUAWEI). At first I thought that this problem only occurred on my site, but I checked here in Meta, it also does not work.


What browser are you using?

I can’t reproduce it on my phone. :thinking:

I tried copying from two different browsers: Huawei and Petal search

From what I see, it’s related to writing permission [1]. However, I don’t see any settings in that browser to allow that. This seems impossible to make this work with Discourse. You may need to use a real & supported browser here. :thinking:

  1. NotAllowedError: Write permission denied ↩︎

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We only support Chrome on Android. Does the same happen on an up to date Chrome browser on your phone?


In my region (Asia), the majority have been using Chinese-made smartphones for the last 5-7 years and most of these smartphones do not have the Chrome browser. In particular, Huawei has its own browser (they don’t support Chrome due to the latest US sanctions, as I understand it), I haven’t done a detailed study of other brands.

How big is marketshare of Chrome in android world? What I’m after is I personally don’t know any android users who are using Chrome. They are mostly using custom ones by phone manufacturer. And I’m living at northern Europe.

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Seems Google is mostly blocked from use.,Google’s%20services%2C%20such%20as%20Gmail.

Maybe the team could look into Baidu Webkit

Baidu Browser - Wikipedia(Chinese%3A%20%E7%99%BE%E5%BA%A6%E6%B5%8F%E8%A7%88,Personal%20Computers%20and%20mobile%20phones.

This could need a deeper dive as there are many Chrome based customized browsers out there.

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85%. Samsung default browser has 6%, Opera 3%, and the rest is a long tail of browsers. That’s globally, of course.

Oh I see. Since those browsers are mostly wrappers around the Chrome engine, when they update their internals they will get access to the current browser tech, so let’s hope that happens soon.

Discourse is developed not against browser-specific features, but against web standards. Let’s hope the small players can catch up soon.