The "topics per period in top page" setting doesn't work as expected

my current setting is

  • “topics per period in top page” set to 10
  • “top page default timeframe”: daily

when open the top topic tab, it shows daily top 10, nicely.
but when switch to another timeframe, say week,month.
it will list more than 10 posts there…
wonder if this is a bug, or expected

found a related post: it explained a related but not the same issue I run into…

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there is also this setting: topics per period in top summary

thanks, @Lilly
I have that one set to 10 as well :slight_smile:
see the same behavior …

actually, not sure what this “topics per period in top summary” is for,

hmm playing with those settings on my forum and something does seem a bit off. i do think those settings need to be more clearly defined. :thinking:

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thanks confirming @Lilly

my understanding, if set “topics per period in top page” to 10
no matter which timeframe to pick, the list should always show top 10… ?
and this is very useful/helpful for many forums as an incentive for contributors

hope dev team could address this soon ! thanks !

wonder where I could log an issue for this?
is there someone from dev team checking this forum ?
should move this post to bug category ?


Welcome, @fbpbdmin :wave:

Discourse will load the next pages results one by one until it fills the page height.

Here’s an example with only 1 topic per page (topics per period in top page set to 1):

So even if you set 10, someone with a gigantic monitor in portrait mode will likely see more than 10 topics, as it will load subsequent pages.

This is a thing from the interface due to the infinite loading feature.
If you return the JSON URL, it will return the proper number of results per page.

Yes, we do :technologist:

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thanks for your reply, yes, that explains.
while, since, the setting is for “topics per period in top page”, and it is a nice to have a top 10 (or N) only (daily/weekly/monthly…)… otherwise …
hope this could considered as a bug or feature enhancement …

thanks again.

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I’m not sure I’d classify this as a bug, but it certainly can be confusing as the number of shown posts depends on both the setting value and an external factor (the page height).

I’m also not sure what would be a use case of the topics per period in top page setting, as the /top view could be considered a topic list like any other unless there are things I’m unaware of that make this setting relevant. :person_shrugging:

I’ll move it to feature for now.

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