Top page default doesn't change to weekly

I have top page as our landing page, and when i change “top page default timeframe” to daily or weekly, it doesn’t get affected, and shows monthly top posts.

when i change the time frame to yearly or quarterly it works fine.

any suggestion?

That simply means you do not have enough posts that make those ranges qualify.

There is a score that must be met, and it isn’t meeting them.

Actually, it works for me… What version of Discourse are you running?

1.6.0.beta7, it’s update.

in your sandbox, did you change the default to daily and it shows nothing?

another question, should there be enough posts with enough scores (based on the top algorithm) or should there be simply enough posts?

because there exist enough topics, but not all the topics have enough likes and replies in them.

My sandbox doesn’t have a lot of activity, so it is returning 0 posts, as nothing today is relevant with enough likes and replies.

IIRC, it only returns posts that have a high enough score, so if none of your topics for that time period have a high enough score, you will see zero posts.

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thanks for the information.

anyway, it doesn’t work! i mean it returns to monthly when i reload the top-page.

when i put the option to weekly by hand (not from the setting but from the menu in the top page itself), it shows around 20 topics. so my guess is that the number of top-topics is high enough. isn’t it?

Ah, so I’m still correct on this, there isn’t enough results being returned. What do you have topics per period in top page set to?

As here is what it attempts to do.

  1. Use the default defined in Admin > Settings
  2. If not enough results are returned move to daily, then weekly, then monthly, then yearly, stopping when one of the ranges has enough posts with a high enough score.

Your weekly and daily are not returning enough posts with a high enough score. If none of them return a high enough score, it then still uses the default defined in Admin > Settings

So this seems to be working by design.


aha, so it’s not a bug and it will return to weekly as soon as there are enough activities on the posts.

thanks :slight_smile:

Exactly. You might be able to lower the score to so it will trigger for your Weekly setup, but with a slowly growing community, the idea is for it to show a larger period of time so it looks more active than what it may be.

As the community grows the period can shrink because the activity is there to keep those smaller periods packed full of topics.