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What’s the #general category for? According to the description it is fir stuff that does not fit in any other caragories but then why don’t we just use the #uncategorized. So why does it exist.


Oh. I thought I’d hidden that. :slightly_smiling_face:

@tobiaseigen went into a little detail about that when it was spotted the other day:

Basically, apart from the small initial snafu, all new sites will get a #general category, and no #lounge. And uncategorised will be phased out for them too.

I thought I had stashed ours away while we decide if we want to move over own #uncategorized topics into it yet or not. Obviously I did not. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why was it decided to phase out #lounge?


I’m not sure it has actually been used that widely, so has been taken out of the initial ‘seeded’ batch of starter ingredients for new sites in favour of allowing admins to create their own member/group areas when they’re ready.

There’s actually some recent (ish) discussion about it in this topic - Do you use the Lounge category on your community?


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Recent = 7 months ago I guess.

Still is not hidden if you meant to do it.

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It seemed a bit pointless now there’s a topic about it. :slight_smile: