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Because the instructions explicitly said to do it in the other order. Have image links first, then hit gallery button.

Lol, okay … do it your way, then. :man_shrugging:

I’m not arguing that there aren’t easier ways to do it @cjk77. Making the tags first then inserting the image links inside of it is a lot easier. And pasting the image links all onto one line, then hitting the Gallery button is also easy. Now I understand what I was doing wrong, it’s simple. I’m just saying that

  1. The instructions could be clarified to explicitly require all images on a single line, and/or
  2. The tool could detect newlines between images and still jam them into a single div tag, instead of one div per image.

Because for someone who has never used the tool before, it’s easy to make a mistake.


Just quick feedback: My users absolutely love the Auto Tiles Image Gallery in my forum.
Since my community is not technical audience, they are usually overwhelmed with the current UX/UI of the tiles gallery in the editor.
So far the old branch works without any complaints:

Would love to see it in master branch as an option.

Hi Joe!

Firstly I want to thank you for both Tiles & Slick Gallery Theme components!

I have a minor issue with Tiles Gallery display on mobile.

On first load\view it comes up like this. First save had all pics on far right.

After Tilting from portrait to landscape and back it correctly displays like this.

My mobile phone is an LG G8X ThinQ. Also noticed there is a 1 in the code. Does changing this value alter layout?


Has anyone got both Tiles & Slick galleries working with the latest version of Discourse? Thx.



Nice. I am have a bit of a problem with it. What theme is that? Thanks for sharing.

It’s Vincent (with some modifications & tweaks)

I get these crazy results often, what can I do to stop it?


Is there something in settings I can change?

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Still can not make this work

highlight , click and no go

meanwhile same action, same thread, different post, perfect results

Can I get some interest in helping to figure out the issue please.

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All of your images need to be large enough to trigger the image resize routine in Discourse or the component won’t work. As @Heather_Dudley points out above, you can find the size that will trigger the resize routine in your settings:


That maybe but he seems to be having a different issue as he mentions he creates a post later in same thread I believe with same pics and it works. @Full30?

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Chris I hope you make it on the Discourse Team at some point :+1:

When I look at the sizes of both the working and non working posts none of them look like they should work

Non working


My settings


Or so it seems,
I happened by chance to notice when hovering they read different

I isolated this one which reads one way in the editor

hovering after posted shows it is larger than my settings


Why this is IDK but it looks like size is the issue

Again, your response is greatly appreciated,

Thank you!

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Hmmm, why doesn’t it tile? Human Origins Workshop With Reasons to Believe (January 2020) - Peaceful Science

EDIT: I see. It all has to be on ONE line.

We are seeing this error in console on our site:

`decorateCooked` should be supplied with an `id` option to avoid memory leaks
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I have the following issue:

The images end up not in the div columns, but in a paragraph after the div tiles tag:

I have tested latest version and the auto tiles github branch. Both have that issue.

All the images in that topic you linked to are 400x300 so, they’re not large enough to be processed as embedded lightboxed images. There’s plans for this component work on all images (regardless of their size) but I have no ETA for that.

For now, your best bet is to use larger images.


The ability for it to work with all image sizes would be awesome.

A question: Is it possible to specify in what order the images should appear when I press the arrow in lightbox? I would like them to appear in the same order as I list them in the <div data-theme-tiles="1"> </div>. Now they appear in another order. All my images have the same dimension and size.

I suspect thought that the order is handled by lightbox…

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