"Tip of the day" / Or how do you remind/nag people with good tips for using Discourse?

Howdy all. I find myself want to have a way to remind people about useful features or community etiquette tips. A couple of ways I can envision this happening are:

A. Modal popup with a random “tip of the day”

B. Being able to Private Message the entire community a couple of times per month

Does Discourse have any way to achieve either of those or some comparable way of doing disseminating tips like this?



I believe you could achieve that with a new bannered topic every day.


Interesting, I’ve never tried a bannered topic but I’ll look into it. Thx!

Good idea! And those topics could be timed and published automatically, so you can set them up in anvance!

Or can you? I’m not sure if timed topics can be automatically pinned globally…