'top page default timeframe' does not affect 'Top' page?

(Bart) #1

I changed the ‘top page default timeframe’ option to ‘weekly’. This correctly changes the behavior of the ‘desktop category page style’/‘Categories and Top Topics’ view, but not that of the ‘Top’ navigation item - this still defaults to the Yearly top view.

(cpradio) #2

Not sure this is a bug, IIRC, it is heavily based on whether there is enough data to present that default. It has been a few years though, I know there are similar topics around it. Might be worth searching for those and reading to see if what you are experiencing is related.

Wait… I’m struggling to reproduce anything like what you are saying, got screenshots?

(Bart) #3

Gotcha, that makes sense - I’m working on a test site with low user activity. I guess the inconsistency between those two pages threw me off.

For reference, my homepage (set to ‘Categories and Top topics’):

And my ‘Top’ page:

You can test this live here if you like: https://forum-test.blendernation.com/

(cpradio) #4

Yeah, I’m fairly certain that is due to it not having enough results.

I’m actually surprised it applies it to the Category + Top view.