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Hi Lilly, the problem seems to be back again, although slightly different…

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Yea apologies @davidkingham I actually had to revert the change recently because the fix was affecting instances that didn’t use the Topic List Thumbnails component. That component seems to change cell background colors when the images are cropped. Here is the fix if you want to copy and paste it to the common css part of a theme or another component

.topic-list-item .author {
    background-color: rgba(var(--primary-low-rgb), 0.85);
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Thanks Lilly, I saw that too when I was trying to fix it myself. I ended up creating category specific changes since I have a mix of thumbnails and lists. A bit of a pain, but worth it to have the bigger avatars :blush:


I also encountered this problem, have you solved it now?

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I’m seeing a layout glitch with the “Related Topics” list on a client instance. Can’t debug much further because they revolved to the list with standard suggestions ("New & Unread Topics, which look fine) and I don’t have another instance with both this component and AI plugin. But I guess there’s some different wrapper or class on these lists?


Thanks @nolo I’ll have a look at it today.


@Lilly - Thank you so much for such an awesome component. Unfortunately I’ve got exactly the same issue as @nolo above. Did you have any joy trying to resolve it?

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Any way to make this component work with FBK Pro theme? Currently, when the component is enabled, it messes up the small box on the bottom of the theme. Makes the box really wide for some reason and the contents of if hidden.

It looks like you’ve asked this on the FBK Pro topic as well:

Ideally, if you could pick one topic to ask your question/raise your issue in it would be far better. It saves splitting the conversation, and avoids potentially two people working to answer the same thing.

Did you narrow it down to this component and only that theme, or is this an issue with this component and other themes too?

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Just this theme, for me.

Since this one overrides topic list templates, it is probably not compatible with the FKB Pro theme.

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@Lilly - did you get a chance to look at this? Currently I have the same issue and it’s stopping me being able to turn on AI driven Related Topics :frowning: