Topic List Previews (legacy)

No worries. TLP is such a large piece of software now its quite a lot to maintain. This is also true of several other Pavilion plugins, so we are trying to focus support on days 1-5 so we can attend to other priorities the rest of the time. Unless you have a staging server to perform pre-checks on, avoid the temptation of upgrading Production outside of this time if you rely on our plugins :).

If this encourages you to get a staging server up, I’ll be very pleased :slight_smile:


FWIW, I just did an upgrade that failed to bootstrap.

I added this to my app.yml right under params (there is a commented out version there). It bootstrapped and launched and seems to be working.

  version: 1a5bcf2a648caf3d277ae2b0856a566789c55e3f
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Would it possible for you extract only the functionality of selecting thumbnail / featured image and create a separate theme component? I need only this functionality. It would be great if discourse includes this. Your implementation of selecting thumbnail is really intuitive :+1: I’m using a Fakebook theme (Renamed it to Social :slight_smile: ), the masonry layout doesn’t seem suitable for it though and using this theme component limits the scrolling behavior… and messes up the layout. However, the only functionality required in this theme is selecting the thumbnail. Other themes have your theme component. Hopefully, you’ll soon resolve all issues, Theme component looks good though… as learned, I’ll update the pavilion themes/plugins in the first 5 days of the month :slight_smile:

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Yes you can’t use Fakebook and TLP together as they modify the same things and will clash.

You can probably restrict TLP to a single column with a bit of CSS. I’d wait til the TC matures a bit though (and the chrome bug is fixed)

No unfortunately not. This requires backend changes. Hence why it’s a plugin.

In fact the TC version of the plugin has a working thumbnail picker but only when you install the theme sidecar plugin. I should be adding actions too that way soon.

Sometimes the only way is via a plugin.

But, yes I have thought about creating a standalone plugin for the Thumbnail Picker. It’s just not a current priority.


It doesn’t seem like feature image is working for me. I’ve done the following:

1, Set feature image tag
2, Enable featured images for non-category routes.
3, Click apply featured images site setting to all categories.
4, Check show featured images above topics.
5, Go to certain post and add that tag
6, Go see all pages yet nothing happened.

What am I missing?

EDIT: Also, when setting feature tag, it doesn’t read any of my existing tags. I can only create new ones. Is that the problem?

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There appears to be a restriction with Discourse. The tag picker will not allow you to select tags that meet certain criteria . @davidkingham came across this. See Tags restricted to a category are not available to plugins or components

Can you please clarify if you are using the experimental theme component or the plugin?

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The Experimental Theme Component has just received some love.

I’ve added:

If you don’t have the sidecar plugin installed, the thumbnail picker and actions are both now hidden so TC only users don’t get any errors or are confused!

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Are your existing tags restricted to categories? This is a discourse limitation and I brought up the issue here Tags restricted to a category are not available to plugins or components but have not received a response unfortunately. @merefield were you still planning on switching this field back to what it was so we can get around this limitation? This is the only reason I can’t switch over to the TC right now. Thanks!

BTW, the working actions seem to be working well!


What alternative? You can’t compare it directly with plugin settings unfortunately.

I’m pretty sure it was a text field when you first released the TC, you mentioned you could switch it back here Topic List Previews


Oh I could revert it to text but that defeats the option of having a nice quick verified list.

But you are right I could switch it temporarily.


Thank you Robert for your hard work to make it compatible with the new theme component manager. That’s outstanding !


Just coming back to report that my problem is solved.
I simply deactivated the plugin and tried the theme component version.
It seems to be working neat! I can also pick my existing tags now.

Thank you for your hard work.


I have some more feedback on the theme component:

  1. Will you be adding the svg feature for the default thumbnail that is in the topic preview component? I’ve been using an image of an svg which is not great for dark/light themes.

  2. Topics created with the wordpress plugin do not have thumbnails, nor can one be selected (see this category), I’m guessing it’s related to this, but it did work with TLP plugin, so maybe it’s a core issue now.

  3. Bugs with other plugins - FYI the locations plugin is currently breaking thumbnails on desktop (this just started with the latest updated today) and the events plugin is breaking thumbnails on mobile, so these need to be disabled for the component to work currently. I’ll report these bugs appropriately later, I just wanted to make everyone aware since it took me a while to figure this out.


No plans to at this stage. I believe supporting a default thumbnail is an important differentiation to the SVG option. Perhaps I could offer both at some stage.

Yeah it’s likely to be a core issue.

Thanks for the report. That’s interesting!


Hope it is okay to bug report.

The featured image on the top sometimes updates and shows a newly tagged image but sometimes it doesn’t. I am still using the older plugin. Is it recommended to use the new theme component and sidecar plugin?


@merefield So we’re in the ‘5 day upgrade window’ now if I’m not mistaken. Is TLP ready to roll?

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Sorry, I’m working on another plugin atm. It was just days ago but not had chance to recheck. I’d only upgrade it now if you can check the upgrade first in a staging environment. I’ll get to it soon. I’ll extend the support period in compensation.


It’s now safe to update Topic List Previews plugin. I’ve brought it up-to-date with latest core codebase. Featured Images is working correctly.

I will be supporting the build over the next 5 days in case there are any additional breaking changes from core.

Known issue: on Desktop Firefox, the masonry (tiles) layout is glitching slightly on load. This doesn’t affect Chrome, Safari or mobile. I will look at this a bit more next week. If you really hate it, try the TC.


Seeing the same problem with the latest update to the old plugin. Haven’t tried the theme component yet.