Tags restricted to a category are not available to plugins or components

I have noticed that plugins or theme components that are using the field type: list list_type: tag do not allow the use of tags that are restricted to a category. On my site I have everything in tag groups and assign those to many different categories to restrict usage.

I’ve ran into this in the Custom Wizard plugin (where I need access to all tags), and @merefield’s new TLP theme component.

Is this intentional behavior? Is there any chance this could be changed? It is really limiting, especially with the Custom Wizard plugin since I am trying to create a wizard that will create a new topic, but I can’t access any of my tags as options because they are all assigned to categories, the wizard could be going to a multitude of categories, but I would be setting up logic to restrict them to the right categories.

I know it’s edge use case, but some more flexibility here would be really nice!


Yes in case I’m missing something this behaviour doesn’t make sense? Whilst you might want to restrict use of tags to particular Categories this shouldn’t prevent you including them in a broader selection, for example in a site setting that features a set of site wide tags.

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I guess there’s no chance of getting this changed ehh? :sadpanda:

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I hate to drag this back up, but this limitation is so frustrating. I understand there is opportunity for failure if you select a category with a tag that can’t accept it, but there should be a bit more flexibility here. Thanks!