Topic List Previews

(Angus McLeod) #126

Hey guys, thanks for your patience! A few updates.

This is now fixed

Fixed :sun_with_face:

I’ve updated the CSS to accomodate the new icon sizing

I can’t repro this one either. What TLP settings are you using? (both site settings and category settings). Thanks.

(George Petrov) #127

When editing category with TLP enabled , I get blank screen and JS error:


Also when going to the settings / plugins :


When I go in safe-mode and disable the unofficial plugins only (I have only TLP) everything works fine.

Unfortunately I can not see the TLP settings any longer as the error just blocks it all and only blank screen appears.

Do note that the site and TLP previews are functioning well - it is only the category settings edit dialog that is broken.

(Krischan) #129

What value is expected in “topic list featured images tag”? A tag generated with the tagging plugin? Thanks for your help!


It’s the tag that’s used to pick up the images for the featured collection. Tagging functionality is native to Discourse but you have to enable it. No additional plugin is required.

(Krischan) #131

Thank you! Another question, please: Are the featured images above topics supposed to show on mobile as well? If not, are there any plans to integrate this? Thanks so much!


I suspect it’s not been a priority as generally mobile real-estate is relatively restricted. I’m sure it’s feasible though, technically. Can add it to the ‘list’, but can’t vouch for its priority. :slight_smile:

added new issue on Github to cover

(George Petrov) #133

This seems solved in the latest 2.2.0 beta 7

(Bart) #134

Is there a way to set the ‘tiles’ view as default for specific tags too, similar to the topic list featured images tag setting?


Bart I’m away from computer at the moment but from my phone I can confirm there’s support for the ‘tags’ view in at least the next version of tiles which I’m running on my site. It’s currently a PR awaiting merge and includes a whole slew of improvements including support for tiles on mobile. It’s possible this already works in the current version though. Try adding ‘tags’ to topic list tiles. Then clicking a tag should take you to a tag view that is tiled. That’s a bit different to what you asked though as this would occur for all tags.

(Bart) #136

Categories names/links are no longer being displayed on the Latest view (they’re fine in the combined Category/Latest view). Confirmed on your sandbox too, and I suspect TLP is causing it. (I didn’t have time to spin up my dev server to confirm - let me know if you need me to dig into it more).

(Angus McLeod) #137

Thanks @bartv, now fixed:

(Bart) #138

Thanks Angus! I can confirm it fixed the issue on our site too.

(Chris Beach) #139

Hi Angus,

I updated to the latest a moment ago but I’m not seeing categories on mobile (only tags are visible):

EDIT: also, on desktop, tags are now being shown underneath categories, as opposed to alongside them. This takes up vertical space unnecessarily

(MengyuLi) #140

Can I make the thumbnails clearer? I mean get a higher definition than the current. I do not tick the “topic list hotlink thumbnails”.

(Angus McLeod) #141

Both of these should be fixed now.

Can you show me an example where the thumbnail resolution is an issue?

(Chris Beach) #142

Many thanks @Angus :+1:

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #143

Great plugin thanks!!!

Do you have any benchmark in performance? TLP feels a bit slower agains plain Discourse in terms of page loading time.


(David Kingham) #144

Hi Angus, this plugin is causing tags to not show up under category settings for allowable tags in a category.

With plugin on:

With it off:

Console error:

(Bart) #145

Are there any plans to support the tiles view on mobile devices?


Yes, and more than that, it’s been developed and the subject of my PR which @angus is currently reviewing.

It comes with a slew of other improvements to Tiles over all devices: