Topic List Sort - Random


it would be great to see an additional sorting option for the topics - random.

my use case is that we have over 100 teaching/learning units (each with its own post in one category) - and we would like to present them “equally” as in no preferred order neither by creation, views, activity etc.

This use case might also support people who use dicourse for presenting photos etc. in individual posts - and then using the tiles/grid topic list view to present them.

I browsed through meta and only found this here:

There is a previous feature request/discussion/use case - highlighting that a random sort would be preferable in case of polling/voting

haven’t seen a topic randomizer yet, but there is this theme component that @merefield put together that has a lot of topic list preview options that may be of interest to you.

yes, thanks - that s exactely the one that i am using : )

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