Topic timer causing error?

I have a topic set up in a private staging category that is set to be published in a public category using the topic timer. But after the 3.3.0.beta1 update I am getting this error and the topic text disappears. I have verified that this happens in safe mode as well. I also tried this on another instance and installed all the same plugins and it doesn’t happen there. Does anyone have ideas on how to further troubleshoot this?

Another bit of info, this doesn’t happen when I select any other option in the topic timer, only ‘Schedule Publishing’. It also only happens when the category field ‘Publish To’ is left blank. Normally this would go to the uncategorized category, but I have that disabled, so this may be a bug? It seems there needs to be a check to see if allow uncategorized topics is disabled, then give an error that a category needs to be selected for that field.