Topic timer notification icon

On our site, the notification icon for a user topic timer (“remind me”) is image . A better icon, I think, would be a clock symbol. Is there a way to change that in admin?

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Hmm, I see a different icon for the “remind me” option:

Can you post a screenshot of your scenario?

Also, see Change icons globally using the APIs for more details on how to replace icons.


I believe @RickO is talking about the icon that shows up in Notifications.

My first instinct about the change is that the hand is very distinct from the other icons (we already have a few that are similar in shape) so that’s a benefit.

BUT I am generally nowhere near UX design (rather, I just have lots of opinions), so YMMV :slight_smile:


Correct. I’m referring to the icon that shows up in the actual notification, like this:


The hand icon makes me think, referral or pointer rather than time based reminder. I’d much rather see the click icon that shows up when you create the reminder as in @pmusaraj’s screenshot. I think that would also be more consistent.

I’ll take a look at the API link.

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Ah, then I think this is doable via a theme customization:

    <script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
        api.replaceIcon('notification.topic_reminder', 'far-clock');

(The API link is still useful, but this is a bit of a special case.)


@mtan Can we do this?

@pmusaraj How long will this work take, if we will just inject this code, should be simple enough?

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Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward, I set up a PR on your repo, just merge that and update.


I see the icon is now a clock on our site. Very cool @mtan and @pmusaraj. Thanks!


I actually think this is a great idea for a core feature, so let’s just put it in core. The clock icon does make more sense to show in the notifications when a timer reminds you about a topic. The finger can remain for manual invites to a topic by other users.


Perfect! Makes total sense to me!

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Done in UX: change topic reminder notification icon · discourse/discourse@755b47b · GitHub