Topics created by ignored users showing on homepage

A post was split to a new topic: Some posts showing ‘ignored content’

This seems to have been solved with this component:

Don’t know if this could potentially be integrated as a default with new discourse installs, or as an option in settings?

Here is another related topic about this:

Seems the feature could be further refined one day, potentially with a few more options for individual users / moderators + administrators to adjust depending on the situation.

If I remember correctly the team said something like hiding ignored users’ posts is not in the road map and they thought hiding the post kinda violates the principle. That’s why discourse still has not had this badly needed function til now

Principles are important, this is a good team that has those!

Read the focus is more on overall community than individual user experience, so this would be a problem for communities if many people are ignoring each other too often.