Block user function has issues when topic excerpts are visible

I use quite a few different forum software and the Discourse block-user function is by far the clunker of the lot.

The following is based on what I see with this specific Discourse version and I’m not entirely sure what that version is (TopazLabs).

a) it’s very awkward to have to go into the settings page to add blocks by user-id instead of just clicking on the user-id at the source post (unless I’m badly missing something, but the admins say I’m not).

b) this is the real kicker…the blocked user’s posts still show up in my feed and the “block” just blocks the content IF you click on the post (see below). Of course, this largely defeats the entire purpose of the block in the first place ie the point is I don’t want to see the posts of a blocked user in my feed.

Example. Is this behavior configurable by the admins in any way?


It’s not configurable by admins at the moment, no.

Our mute/ignore is different from social networks because we’re a little more focused on the community rather than the individual. It’s possible a topic started by an ignored user could have information you want to see from others, so we keep them accessible. The difference in behavior is also why we don’t call it “block.”

While you can’t mute/ignore from within a topic, you can from a user’s profile page with this button (we’re going to update the icons soon, because the person doesn’t make a lot of sense). That might be a little easier than going to your user settings:

Adding the button to the user card could certainly make it easier to mute/ignore someone… that’s something to consider.


Thanks for the feedback.

I’m ok with seeing posted replies to an ignored user. But, I’m not really following the logic of seeing posts in the feed of an ignored user…when the desired effect is for them to be ignored ie invisible?

I just wrote a different reply and deleted it because after looking at your screenshot again I realize this might be a bug on that specific community?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re talking about this content, which I didn’t initially realize was a screenshot of the topic list (sorry I missed that initially):

So on that site the admin has included excerpts on the topic list (we don’t do this by default), and we’re not hiding excerpts from ignored users. @sam is this something that could be easily fixed?



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Many of us find the same thing very annoying. Just add a proper block function so that Forum Admins who are paying to use your software and monthly hosting fees get to choose for their own community.

As a regular on a forum that runs Discourse I find it very annoying to be forced to see an Ignored users blank quote pop up all over the place, and the constant “view 1 hidden reply” - from the very person who so consistently posts garbage and I have no interest in what they write or any reply to them. This is on a private forum that uses your software.

Just let forum owners decide to configure as they like and give a PROPER Block function. Please! Many have asked for this for years.

Some forum owners may agree with your current philosophy, and others will want a traditional block function. Let the customer choose! They pay for Discourse and they pay for monthly hosting.

Thank you!

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