Topics incorrectly stuck in unread state on Android in Chrome 77

Per: Unread tab does not update after reading

There were quite a few people mentioning issues with topics not being marked read on Android.

We have done some root cause analysis and found that the page visibility api changed the way it operates in Android Chrome 77.

It was discussed in brief here:

There is a fancy graph that explains the new lifecycle here:

The symptoms of the issue is.

  • You use your android

  • You flip to do something else for 5-10 minutes

  • You flip back to Discourse and nothing is marked read anymore

I made a fix for this here:

In “theory” it should resolve the issue.

cc @mcwumbly / @Heather_Dudley / @Yuun

This fix will be deployed on meta shortly, you will have to do a full reload to get it applied.


Also applies to you @Wingtip

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Fantastic, is the fix available yet? On 2.4.0.beta4 [0420e8145e] now.

Yes, the fix is included on 0420e8145e.


Looks to have worked! Thanks again.


Seems to be working for us now, too. I haven’t had this issue on meta anymore, and what unread issues we’re having on my installation are related to network traffic, not the bug.

Thank you guys!