Unread tab does not update after reading

If I go to my “Unread” tab and click on one of the topics, it takes me to the most recent post. This is great to help me get up to speed on what I’m tracking. However, the post/topic is never dismissed and remains in the unread tab.

If I navigate back to the unread tab and refresh, the same list of topics is shown. Clicking on a topic I’ve already read takes me back to the same most recent post.

How can I keep the unread tab up to date showing only topics that I haven’t read?

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I’ve noticed this here on meta lately as well. I don’t know if it’s related to reading in whatever we call the thing when it downloads to Android like an app. I don’t think I’ve seen it on desktop.

I am not following. I do this

  • go to unread tab
  • click on a topic
  • read the whole topic so it is no longer unread
  • press the back button to go back to the unread tab

When I do, the topic I just read no longer appears in the unread list.

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In case it’s related, an observation from my forums: until I upgraded to latest last night (~20 commits behind), myself and at least one other user were seeing issues with topics not being (reliably) marked as read when using Chrome on Android.

I have not observed any specific issues with the Unread tab as of yet though (here or on my forums, with any particular OS/browser combo).

Right that would be the expected behavior. But it is not what’s happening. In my case and other users on our discourse they topic is never removed from the list.

It’s a new bug, and it seems to have started happening over at QT3 in the past 2 week or so.

It’s sporadic and doesn’t always happen, but it’s annoying :slight_smile:

I only ever see it happen when browsing via Chrome on Android, not when using Firefox on Windows.

Note, this happens even with the suggested threads things. E.g. I see a blue (2), click it, read to bottom, click a new suggested thread, read to bottom , and the old threads is there at a blue (2) again. It’s lead to a few cases of deja vu lately :slight_smile:


I have people reporting this on my forum too. Chrome on Android only it appears (so I haven’t seen it). Sometimes when re-entering topics it doesn’t remember what they have recently read. Seems to be happening the last couple of weeks.

Yeah - I also spoke too soon, I’m still seeing it sporadically on my forum as well as here.

That’s what I expect to happen, but with some frequency here on meta I read a topic, scroll down, go back to unread, and the same topic is still there. I think that it happens with new as well.

Interesting, is this true for others in this topic as well?

It happens to me when I’m using the chrome on android, but maybe only when I’m using the download to desktop “app”.

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Yup, Chrome on Android is where I’m seeing the issue.

I am also specifically using the homescreen app version like @pfaffman. I’ll try and confirm whether or not it happens in the regular browser version as well, might take a bit because the issue does not happen with 100% consistency, seems to come and go throughout the day.

It happened just now with the home screen version and I switched to Chrome and it went away. It will be difficult to debug as it seems to happen every day or two and I’m in meta on my ogle quite a bit. Switching to chrome is likely the solution.

I was annoyed by not having a forward option in the desktop version anyway.

I don’t use the “app” version and exclusively use the normal site via the browser. So it’s happening on both .


I wonder if this is whisper related? adding a whisper now to end of this topic.

When this happens is the blue dot :large_blue_circle: stuck visible on last post (on the topic, tiny blue dot top right) ?


I don’t use the whisper function on my forum and we still see the issue, unfortunately.

(lemme double check the rest of your question)

I don’t see any extraneous remaining blue dots, just the one on the topic list indicating # of unread posts. Also of note - it isn’t saving my read position correctly when this happens either.

So if I go to a topic with e.g. 8 unread posts, read to the bottom, then back out:

  • I still see 8 unread posts indicator on the topic
  • Clicking on the topic still takes me to the previous unread position, instead of the last post in the topic

If you do a hard reload on the front page does it “fix itself up”

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I also see this on Chrome on Android on meta… just using the web browser, not the homescreen app…


Currently in one of the time periods where everything seems to be working correctly (un?)fortunately. Although a hard reload did drop the unread count from 90 to 72 for me, so maybe there was still some lingering issue.

I was just having the problem here. I could navigate in and out of some unread topics, pausing to read each post, and they continued to show as unread with the same counter value.

I tried reloading on the front page, but things were still unread. Then I closed the browser tab and things still showed unread.

Then I navigated in and out of the topics again, pausing to read each post, and finally they appeared as read.

I’m unsure if the reload or the close/reopen tab got things working again, but in any case it was still necessary to browse to the topics afterwards. So it appears something was not working correctly in the “write” process rather than the “read” process.