Unread/read messages not stored correctly on Android Chrome

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DISCLAIMER: As an iPhone user I rely on 2nd hand reports from users that are not professional SW testers.

Several user have raised an issue on our forum Tappara.co that read/unread messages are not stored correctly. Here are the breadcrumbs I have been able to gather.

  • So far an Android only issue
  • It seems likely that the issue has escalated with the Chrome v77 update. I have a fresh report from a trustworthy member that the issue started right after he updated.
    • Also we have reports from Brave and Opera users that they do not have this issue. Brave is currently on Chromium v76.
  • Symptoms:
    • Unread counts not updated
    • Topics not marked as read when expected to
    • When tapping on a topic the user is brought to an incorrect position to posts he has already read before
    • Refreshing the browser gives temporary relief, but the issue comes back soon.
    • Seems to be <100% reproducible, but reported by many different individuals.

This is a quite serious issue at our community right now as basic functionality is somewhat broken. We run on the stable branch – as of know I do not know whether this is repro on Meta or Try (I use iOS…). @Falco should have some idea about this and asked to open this topic.

Ping @rizka

Forgot to update you there, we landed a proper fix last week at FIX: change focus when application resumes in android · discourse/discourse@499472b · GitHub

This was a Chrome 77 change, and is triggered if a Discourse tab is inactive (in background or using another app in Android) for more than 5 minutes.

Chrome pushed this new API for Android for now, but it will be pushed for all platforms in new updates.


Ok, cool!

This should be a candidate for the stable brach too (basic functionality broken).

Sure we can back port it to stable @Falco?


Backported to stable:


Just a quick update, since the topic is closing a bit too soon. We pushed this to production an hour ago and already a handful of users have reported early impressions that the fix seems to solve the issue.

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