Tracking Issues in Discourse with Jira

(Shawn Kirsch) #1

I’m wondering how you link jira and discourse together.

If we have a public facing community, there are times bugs/issues will be posted there, if we have multiple people tracking this, how do we ensure that the bug posted in the forum is linked in the jira? IE: I’m browsing the forum, and as an ADMIN I can see that “Greg” has added this to $X jira ticket.

Any thoughts?

(Bart) #2

We post Jira links in whispers so all team members can see an issue has been registered.

(Shawn Kirsch) #3

Are they colors differently so people know when viewing what is internal and external

(Bart) #4

Yes, here’s an example of the default styling. With a little extra CSS you could make it more obvious, I guess:

(Shawn Kirsch) #5

Yes that makes sense. I just would love to have a completely different way so we don’t have to worry at all about people screwing this up and making something internal public.