Translated FAQ, ToS and Privacy Policy


I can’t seem to find translations for Discourse default pages: /faq, /tos and /privacy, although I’m pretty sure I did find them in the past since I have (very bad versions of) them on my site.

Any insight?

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You should be able to edit those topics by clicking on the ‘Edit this page’ links that are found at the top of each of those pages. Clicking the link will take you to the Discourse topic that is used to create the page.

The content of each of those pages can also be found in the Admin/Customize/Text Content section. Editing the topic’s content through that section doesn’t seem to have any effect on the content of the topic that is displayed. Possibly it is only used to seed the initial content of the posts.


I installed quite a few instances of Discourse and even though I did select French as the default locale during initial setup, those topics were never seeded from French translations.

I found Guidelines and Privacy Policy in French, but tos_topic.body is not translated in Admin > Customize > Text Content. I don’t know if this is to be expected?


Bonjour @_vincent

As my new forum ( is French only, this weekend I did a fast and dirty French translation of those three pages. I will surely rework them “à ma sauce”.

But I also need a French Users Guide. Do you know if it has been done? where?
Else I will have to translate this Discourse New User Guide :frowning:

Have a nice day!

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Feel free to copy everything you need from my instance, but I think we need to ping someone from the team here (@simon maybe?)

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I don’t know of a French Users Guide. If you do translate the Discourse New User Guide topic, it would be great if you could post your translation on meta so that it can be used on other sites.

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Hi @simon

Here’s my version :

Later I found it has already been done here : 🇫🇷 Trucs et astuces pour nouveaux utilisateurs



Sorry you didn’t find it earlier!
My version here also originated on our instance of Discourse, but then I figured it was crazy if each site had to do the same thing, so I copied it here.