Translated strings in Transifex, untraslated in production

I have found some strings that are translated in Transifex, but doesn’t appear translated in production. They are in Admin>Dashboard: Signups, Topics, Posts, Daily Engaged Users, New Contributors, Top Referred Topics, Trending Search Terms, Users per Type… (with its corresponding tooltips).

This issue is common to all languages. I have checked different locales (French, German, Catalan…), and the strings always appear untranslated.

Are you seeing the strings translated into English, or are you seeing strings like reports.new_contributors.title displayed in the UI?

I see the strings in English as quoted (“Signups”, “Top Referred Topics”…) whatever locale I set.

But now I have found a pattern.

  • The strings in English (untranslated) are from the file server.en.yml.
  • The translated strings come from (community_health: Salut de la comunitat; activity_metrics: Mètrica d’activitats).

So what I’m doing wrong? Am I missing anything in the site configuration? How can I get the strings in

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Just to be certain of what you are saying

Are you saying the rest of the UI is using the ca locale and only reports titles are with en locale ?

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Yes. Report titles are in English (and also tooltips and other report content). The rest of the UI is in Catalan.
In the image, green in Catalan, red in English:

There is another issue which I don’t know if it is related to this. I am not able to get the translated versions of FAQ, terms of service and privacy statement.

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This would fix it:

and also another big issue which is that currently reports are cached with locales, making it impossible to have multiple locales. Which is rarely a big issue but worth fixing.

I need some feedback from @gerhard before I can improve/merge it.