Trigger webhook for solved action

I am trying to trigger a webhook whenever a topic is marked as solved. When I mark a case as solved I do not see a webhook being triggered.

Am I missing something? Does the solved plugin not trigger a webhook?

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The discourse-solved plugin does not trigger webhooks. I don’t think we have a WebHook API for plugins.



Ah crap.
I would have thought the updated webhook would have been triggered.

I am marking this as #planned, we got to expose something here, technically the post is “edited” so maybe we should expose “post-edited” when a post is marked solved. I am pretty sure its stored in a custom field so we could always ship that with the hook.


We are adding Discourse as a forum to a system which tracks user actions and award points. Our system tracks content creation and interaction.

We successfully used webhooks to track post & topic creation but there doesn’t seem to be anything for post_edited or post_solved.

Is this in the backlog?

In the backlog but not slotted for any release yet, if you are self hosting and wish to get this to move faster only way is to submit a PR with the proposed improvement.


I would like to look into this.

I’ll try to build that feature for the solved plugin.


You can give it a shot, be sure to include a test.


I created a PR for triggering a solved webhook when marking a post as answered/unanswered:

When the plugin is installed a solved webhook option will appear when creating/editing a webhook