Trouble installing Docker and Git

After I type in as root user:

wget -qO- | sh

I get this message:

Executing docker install script, commit: cfba462

After 2 seconds, Linux doesn’t seem to install. No error messages or anything. It just seems like nothing is happening.

A common thing inside of Linux is that once a command has completed, then the cursor goes to the next line to await the next command.

The command you ran was wget and the flag you had at the end was -qO-.

This tells WGET to not output anything to the console, and to end the program once the download is complete. Nothing is wrong, it’s just silent. To make it output statuses to the console, remove the flag at the end. This applies for every WGET download.

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how do i know it’s completed? I’ve waited 10 minutes and when I typed in git --version, it tells me that git command is not found

On what operating system and version? Is this real hardware or virtualized?

Another question to add on with codinghorror’s:

Did you run apt update and apt upgrade upon starting the installation? This should install most needed components.

I’m running Amazon Linux on AWS EC2. I guess I can manually install Git and Docker.
The wget command doesn’t work in AWS.

That guide is for Ubuntu. It may not work in Amazon Linux.


Thanks. I just installed on DigitalOcean and now works perfectly fine. Looks like AWS Amazon Linux doesn’t work with Discourse.

It works fine on AWS both on the host directly and also in an LXD container as long as you launch the right AWS image. I have multiple Discourse installs running in LXD on AWS.

Use this image on AWS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type - ami-0a313d6098716f372 (64-bit x86) / ami-01ac7d9c1179d7b74 (64-bit Arm)

I also recommend following the official Docker install guide:

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