Trust Level 4 as it relates to our public consumer support forum

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One of the challenges is Trust Level 4. We have a group of Experts and Ambassadors that we would love to grant additional capabilities, but as a regulated telecom company, we have a few challenges. One is that we really cannot allow editing of the body and I would not like them to merge/split (just me). We have them in TL3 right now but we would like to do more.

I would like to have a menu of optional permissions just for TL4.

Here are some examples of current capabilities:

These are fine but we would need to be able to toggle them individually. We would probably offer very little of these to non-employees, but others might.

edit all posts
pin/unpin topic
close topic
archive topic
make topic unlisted
Split and merge topics
Daily like limit increased by 3 × - Already configurable

Add new:

Mark as solved - also toggle
Allow assignment - This would allow us to assign and have a list for the TL4 to see
Special Tags - Allow the TL4s to have tags only they and staff can use. Sometimes we put them on missions to find specific content for us to deal with or point out. Maybe mark as official, mark as needing to be fixed etc…
Whisper - capabilities

If we could be more modular with our TL 4 we may use it more. Right now we only use it for non-moderator employees. Which would probably be better served with an unlisted Staff-lite capability?

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This is already a configurable setting: accept all solutions trust level.


I added this for our TL3 even though. I would rather it be in a TL4, but I can’t allow editing, split and merge etc…

We don’t have any plans to add super granular permissions at the current time; it’s not on our roadmap in any form.

That is OK TL4 does not need to be used. It does fit really well with interest-based forums that can use the crowd help. We would love to have that help too but there are just some parts, of the all-or-nothing level rights, that do not work for us, though I could use some of them.